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Commercial Concrete


Commercial Concrete

For commercial building construction projects, concrete brings numerous advantages that can establish and improve the structural integrity, performance and design of any commercial business property. At Neil Sullivan and Sons, we provide expert commercial concrete services to aid construction projects of any size or scale across the Essex region.

Benefits of concrete for commercial construction

In addition to providing a sound and long-lasting structural frame for a commercial building, strategic use of industry-grade concrete can also deliver essential benefits throughout every aspect of the construction and lifespan of the building. These include:

  • Versatility

    Concrete is a timeless material that has been used for construction purposes for centuries. In commercial construction, versatility is essential, and concrete delivers this in abundance. Future renovations, changes, additions or refurbishments can easily be accommodated when dealing with a concrete structure. This allows a commercial property to be re-purposed, enhanced or adapted to meet changing demand as and when required.

  • Durability

    The durability of concrete is perhaps its most attractive property. Commercial structures require durable foundations, frames and supports, and professionally specified commercial concrete can provide this.

  • Energy efficiency

    Exposed concrete can improve the energy efficiency of a commercial building due to the material’s high thermal mass. Energy is stored instead of being lost through walls, which will reduce long-term running costs and overall efficiency.

Car Parks

Concrete benefits multi-storey car parks in many ways. Commercial concrete brings reliable durability to the entire structure, as well as reducing stress from vibration, providing innate fire protection properties and protection from general impact and day-to-day wear and tear.


For hotels, the high thermal mass of concrete works in tandem with additional heating and cooling mechanisms to provide an easily controlled internal environment for occupants. Concrete further complements the necessary comfort requirements with its sound-proofing abilities. General structural durability is also beneficial, as is the versatility of the material both before and after construction.


The healthcare sector requires efficient, easy-to-maintain, reliable and durable structures for hospitals and surgeries. Concrete provides this, creating a safe and manageable working environment that is also comfortable for staff and patients, and open to renovation as demand increases in the future.


Concrete construction provides schools and universities with efficient internal environments conducive to learning, whilst also providing a safe and hard-wearing structure that lasts. Concrete’s fire resistance is a key factor in an educational building’s design, while the sound dampening and innate flexibility of the material creates a comfortable and adaptable space.

Neil Sullivan and Sons ensure swift delivery of commercial concrete mixed to your construction specifications. If you require our commercial concrete services for new build or additional construction work of any size, contact us today.

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  • Ready-Mix Concrete

    Superior standard concrete delivered directly to your location at a time that’s most convenient for you!

    As comprehensive concrete suppliers, we provide a wide range of strengths and grades of ready-mix concrete, all suitable for a host of purposes and applications. Whether you are a commercial company in need of regular and large amounts of concrete, or simply need a one-off delivery to lay a new driveway at home, we can be of assistance.

    Ready-Mix Concrete
  • On-Site Mixed Concrete

    Cost-effective and completely convenient, our on-site concrete is perfect for a wide range of projects!

    Here at Neil Sullivan & Sons, we are the experts at supplying and delivering a range of mixed on-site concrete options. Whatever you require concrete for and however much you need, you can rely on us to batch and mix the ideal concrete for your project, and to select the strength that guarantees the highest quality results.

    On-Site Mixed Concrete
  • Volumetric Concrete

    Only pay for the concrete you use with our cost-effective, high quality volumetric concrete!

    Here at Neil Sullivan & Sons, we specialise in the supply of superior standard concrete, delivered directly to your home or site, and blended in our innovative volumetric concrete mixing trucks. These trucks allow just the right amount of concrete to be made, ensuring that you meet your requirements without paying for concrete you didn’t use.

    Volumetric Concrete
  • Concrete Floors

    Strong, smooth and durable, our concrete floors use the most superior concrete and are of the highest standard!

    Many properties benefit from the installation of a concrete floor, and the use of superior strength, fine grade concrete can significantly enhance the finished result. Whether you are a domestic client and are refurbishing your kitchen floor, or you are a commercial company undertaking a floor installation project, we are specialists in concrete flooring here at Neil Sullivan & Sons. Our extensive range of concrete strengths ensures that we will have the perfect blend for your individual application.

    Concrete Floors
  • Commercial Concrete Services

    For commercial building construction projects, concrete brings numerous advantages that can establish and improve the structural integrity, performance and design of any commercial business property.

    At Neil Sullivan and Sons, we provide expert commercial concrete services to aid construction projects of any size or scale across the Essex region.

    Commercial Concrete Services
  • Residential Concrete Services

    Concrete has a number of purposes in the residential sector.

    Whether it’s home construction companies or homeowners looking for a versatile building material for any size of project, Neil Sullivan and Sons provide a range of residential concrete services suited to all kinds of domestic construction.

    Residential Concrete Services
  • Industrial Concrete

    Concrete can be an indispensable building material during the construction of industrial buildings. An industrial premises needs to operate efficiently and that has to be accounted for during initial development.

    The advantages of industrial concrete are wide-reaching, complementing a range of working environments in terms of cost, performance, adaptability and ease of use. At Neil Sullivan and Sons, we provide industrial concrete mixing and delivery throughout the Essex region for projects of all sizes.

    Industrial Concrete
  • Delivery and Collection Services

    Affordable concrete services you can rely on.

    Here at Neil Sullivan & Sons, we want to make things as easy as possible for all of our clients. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and the quality of our services, and our delivery and collection offerings are no different. Whether you need a new batch of concrete or aggregates delivered to your site, or you’d like to collect your materials from us, all you need to do is give us a call.

    Delivery and Collection Services
  • Mini Mix Concrete

    Mini mix concrete is tailor-made to meet Neil Sullivan and Son’s customer requirements and is transported in our small concrete trucks. Ideal for small projects such as landscaping and foundation laying, mini mix trucks can help bring your works through to completion.

    Our mini mix trucks are shorter in length, making them easier to manoeuvrer when space is limited – so if you’re struggling for space, ask about our mini mix lorries and we will provide the ideal solution.

    Mini Mix Concrete
  • Type Of Mixes

    Not sure which mix you need? We have a comprehensive range to suit every specific concrete need.

    Here at Neil Sullivan & Sons we have a wide variety of concrete and screed types, all suitable for a selection of environments, purposes and applications. Here are just some of the different types we have and what they are used for – all of which can be mixed and blended by our specialists.

    Type Of Mixes

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